Photography has become generalized on the planet. Between the most modern laptops, tablets and automatic devices, it is classic and regular to see beautiful photos taken by amateurs. They are shared by social networks and can even be retouched sometimes on the phone in the moment. They are often very beautiful!

So why take a photographer during important moments  like a wedding?

I think that it is necessary to take a professional when you need a desired result. Unlike the amateur, a professional should get the best shot in all situations. The photographer will be able to adjust his scene or create the situation that will satisfy everyone (newlyweds, guests, relatives and himself) to have a result at the height of the package he has signed. The photographer must be able to ask the right questions to avoid the surprises that could embarrass him. Example, a group photo of one hundred people in a confined place.

At the time of the request, I will say this is not possible, I will suggest you one at another place where I have the ability to climb. Do you have a stepladder or ladder?

Another example, the groom says he does not want to take couple shots while sweating for 1 hour. My suggestion would be either to shift the session for the couple shots on another time, either earlier, two days later or to organize 4 shots of 20 minutes spread over the day in very distinct places. The meeting for example, in an air-conditioned reception , then after a tour in the shade of the trees on the way to the ceremony, later a head to head break after the exchange of rings. Further, a moment where the lovers will be quiet on a patch of green grass, to mix up the type of photos and during seated photos (always provide a ground cover for the bride) it is also important that the  photographer will work using a  telephoto lense to give them a real moment of intimacy. Finally a beach session at the end of the afternoon when the sun is setting and the colours become warm before the cocktail evening and party.

In my shots I like to project a story that unfolds and imagine that the photographs will end up in a book representing the Special Day. Between preparations, family photos, ceremony, cocktail and reception, the photos of our couple in love are often the border between each moment of this exceptional day, for them the small poses or finding themselves almost alone with the photographer seeming to vanish. I also like to imagine the children, later finding the book somewhere and flipping through seeing the story unfold in pictures without having been there.

A professional photographer is a big help! He sometimes takes the time for that memorable shot that will make the difference because he lives and works these events several times a year unlike the amateur photographer who is often very good for a quick shot but not an there to create the magic.

If you are in Playa Del Carmen , Mexico i have a good friend it’s very good photographer in Playa Del Carmen NICOLAS TAGUY a french man with the french touch.